Masha Safina


online portfolio builder

As a member of the core team Carbonmade I actively participated in development of Portfolio Product, Network App, Messaging System, design and development of portfolio themes, list of internal tools and single-handedly kept all office plants alive 🌱.

Portfolio Builder App


Front-end developer



Carbonmade Portfolio is cross-platform, cross-browser app – great on desktop and tablet-friendly. Network App and Messaging systems are responsive with complete functionality; list of portfolio features are accessible on mobile.

Portfolio App: projects manager


Having a small team let us all contribute to every aspect of the product. Being involved during discovery phase, talk over technical limitations and challenges arising along the way lead to the quick and iterative process:

→ Prototype

→ Implement

→ Launch into Beta users pool

→ Get almost instant feedback (thanks to our internal tools)

→ Reiterate!

Though that approach doesn’t provide large sets of data, it allows to test hypotheses and detect usability issues very quickly on early stages.

Portfolio App: design customizations

Network App: user profile page

Portfolio Themes


Front-end developer




We launched 7 new portfolio (templates) themes: universal and targeted to specific user groups. Each theme, besides being unique by design, provided an additional set of customizations such as color schemes, typography, content placement, etc. It gave people an extra freedom in crafting their personalized portfolios and didn’t require touching of any codes.

Theme selection page: showing off the gallery transitions and themes themselves


While portfolio themes appear to be structurally simple, to achieve that feel of simplicity a lot of tiny design decisions take place. Themes need not only be suitable for a non-uniform body of various content, but be modular and extendable from the engineering perspective.

Internal Tools


Front-end dev




Besides building The Carbonmade, we were making great internal tools – things we used on a daily basis. Internal Tools are of a special delight to me: your users are in the same room with you (real world room or internet chat), feedback is instant and there is no limit on the amount of updates per day and no restrains on branding, color schemes or either naming!

User Management System

UI Kit for Internal Deployment Platform